FAQ’s – Eastern Thumb Association of Realtors® Annual Dues Renewal

1. Do you bill the Brokerage or the Agents directly?
The ETAR office provides invoices to agents that are Primary Members with ETAR for the annual membership renewal dues, the invoices are mailed to the respective Brokerage office.

2. What if I’m a Secondary Member with ETAR?
ETAR invoices secondary members directly to the address on file; either office or home.

3. What is the billing frequency and when is it invoiced?
The ETAR office mails invoices in the fall-generally September. Invoices are mailed out once, but email reminders are sent thereafter. *You may request an email copy of the invoice at any time. *If you joined ETAR October 1 or later, an invoice will be provided directly to you.

4. What is the amount owed and when is it due?
Annual dues are $588.00 or $624.00 with an RPAC contribution & are owed by 12/31 (Michigan Realtors $193, RPAC $36, National Assoc. Realtors $195 & ETAR $200) RPAC is optional. RPAC supports the Real Estate industry efforts in Lansing.
4a) Payment options include; exact cash, check, debit/credit card, Venmo
4b) A late fee will be charged for dues not paid by December 31 of $50.00

5. Is there a payment plan option for renewal dues?
ETAR offers monthly (ACH) billing for annual dues. Payments begin in January & complete in December-members are paying in advance for the next year. *ex. Payments made each month from January 2022 -December 2022 are for 2023 dues.
Monthly payments range from $49.00 to $52.00, a small fee is added for each payment.
*Annual/Renewal Dues are always due by December 31 of the year

6. Are partial payments an option?
The ACH option may be tailored to your specific financial needs. Please contact the ETAR office on the details.
The office prefers that partial payments, other than by ACH, are avoided.

7. Are there other fees associated?
Processing fees are charged for the use of a debit/credit card online or over the phone of about 3.75%. The monthly billing (ACH) has a small fee of $1 or less per each monthly withdrawal.
*Late fees do apply after January 1.

All payments may be mailed to the office
The Eastern Thumb Association of Realtors®
512-A McMorran Blvd.
Port Huron, MI 48060

Drop off dues after hours by using the drop slot in the door